Ms. Boling is an experienced mediator and her paralegal is also a trained mediator.  Mediation rates are $200 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum. The fee can be split between the parties as per their agreement or court order.  Rate reduction will be considered depending on financial circumstances of the parties. Please call (877) 629-5353 to schedule your mediation or visit for Ms. Boling's availability.

     The Boling Law Firm can help you with your Last Will and Testament, medical power of attorney, statutory durable power of attorney, directive to physicians (or "Living Will"), probate proceedings, heirship proceedings, and other related estate planning documents.  As a former Hays County Probate Judge, Ms. Boling has a unique insight into the Probate Court in Hays County and can use her knowledge and experience to offer you workable estate planning options.

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     The Boling Law Firm, PLLC believes that a "resolution-based" approach, rather than a "litigation-based" approach, is a more efficient and effective approach to handling divorce cases and family law cases in general.  A resolution based approach, with all parties actively participating in the process and making their own agreements (versus leaving it up to a judge who does not know you) generally provides a better post-divorce relationship for the parties, which is particularly important if the parties have children.  This approach promotes dealing with each other in a respectful and cooperative manner, rather than in an adversarial manner. Participating in a settlement conference or in mediation is generally productive and effective in reaching agreements.

     Although The Boling Law Firm adheres to this philosophy of cooperation, if working together in an amicable way to resolve legal issues is just not possible, the attorney and staff at The Boling Law Firm are trained and ready to litigate your case.

     PLEASE REMEMBER: Children are the ones who suffer when parents do not get along.  We discourage you from speaking disparagingly about your spouse in front of your children or within their hearing.  Courts also disapprove of this type of behavior and such behavior may negatively impact your case and your children. Sometimes emotions get in the way and we forget how our actions affect our children and extended family. We encourage you to read the "Children's Bill of Rights" and the "Loving and Caring Order" (see FAQs for link)  whether you are contemplating filing a case or not.  

Last Will & Testament  (with or without a Trust)

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