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Frequently Asked Questions

In what Counties does The Boling Law Firm work?

     The Boling Law Firm serves the Hays and Caldwell County communities.  We will help clients in Guadalupe and Comal Counties on a case by case basis.

Do you charge a consultation fee?

     The Boling Law Firm charges $150.00 for a one-hour consultation, unless you are a prior client or have been pre-approved for a no fee consultation.  Please note that the consultation fee is a reduction from normal hourly rates.  Most consultations will not last longer than one hour, depending on the complexity of the case.  Having a list of questions ready at the time of your consultation is always a good idea, as well as gathering all relevant documents and bringing them with you to the consultation, especially court orders or papers that you  have been served with.  The Boling Law Firm does not charge for adoption consultations.

How much do you charge for a divorce?

     The cost will depend on the complexity of the case.  Generally, if you and your spouse are in agreement regarding how to divide your property and there are no children, a divorce COULD cost around $3,000.00, more or less.  HOWEVER, this does NOT include the filing fees and we expect that your spouse will sign a waiver of service versus having to be served with the paperwork by our private process server or the constable, which is an added cost.  This cost does not include preparation of real estate documents nor a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). 

     The attorney and staff at The Boling Law Firm can give you a better idea of what your divorce might cost during the initial consultation and will let you know if you qualify for reduced rates.  Financial need will be evaluated on a case by case basis and reduction of fees is at the law firm's discretion.

How much is your retainer deposit?

    The initial retainer deposit will depend on the complexity of your case.  A minimum deposit for an uncontested case is approximately $3,000.00, plus filing fees and service fees. Deposits for contested matters are determined on a case by case basis, starting at $5,000.00 or more.

Where can I file for divorce?

     Texas law requires that you or your spouse be domiciled in Texas for the preceding six month period and a resident of the county where you are filing for the preceding 90-day period.

How soon after I file can I get divorced?

     Texas law requires that 60 days lapse after filing before you can get divorced.  That means that you can get divorced on the 61st day or after.

How will I know what to do?

     The Boling Law Firm is proud of the fact that people that choose to consult with us often thank us for educating them so much about their case.  Whether they hire us or not, clients who come to see us will walk away with a better understanding of the legal process surrounding their case and armed with information and documents to guide them.